Airplane mode will not make your phone fly

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So for about a year now I´ve been doing collabs together with,
 I  L O V E their phone accessories!
I match every outfit with my phone cases, and let me tell you that I have a few in different colours and patterns 😉
The wild leopard case is one of my all time favourites, this is the case that I use the most.
This is the newest member of my phone case family! The Diamond Daze by Hannalicious for I mean just look at it!! (I wanted to insert the heart eyes smiley, but it didn’t work)
This is the Monstera jungle case, an oldie but a goldie, and ofc it matches with the monstera in the background!
Yes, I like taking pictures of my self in a mirror togheter with all my phone cases. I have more of them but thought that this was enough.
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Now it´s time to go out with this one for a walk!


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