A winter walk to remember

We decided to go for a walk with Luna and bring the drone with us a couple of days ago. It´s been a while since we used it, and Simon really got some nice winter pictures, since we took these we have gotten a bit more snow, so I think we need to take the drone out for a new photo session as soon as the sun is out.
Me just posing in front of these snow covered trees.
Me and Luna, she didn’t like the drone at all. You should have seen her barking at it when it got too close, haha.
Do you see the flere? 😉

I´ve been sick this last few days and been staying at home since friday which means that I´m a bit behind with work, I have so much photos to shoot and so much other stuff to handle so this upcoming week is going to be very busy, and we also been thinking about going for a roadtrip this weekend up north! So stay tuned!

Talk to you soon! Have a great week!


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