1. Marrakech, Marocco
I always see so nice and colorful pictures on Instagram, and would love to go there and take some nice pictures myself. 
2. Cappadocia, Turkey
Oh my good, when I first saw pictures from this place I said to Simon, "Let´s go there tomorrow, please!!" This place looks amazing, To sit on a roof top and watch all the air balloons go up in the air, wooow. 
3. Venice, Italy
It just looks so calm and beautiful. 
4. Santorini, Greece
I have heard so many talk about Greece and how beautiful that place is, so Santorini is defenitly on my travel bucket list. 
5. Havana, Cuba
Need I say more? One of the most Instagramable places in this world probably. 
6. Maldives
This is probably the most expencive place on my bucket list, but hopefully I will make it there one day. 
7. London, England
I never visited London, but would ofcourse love to go there one day, hopefully very soon.
8. Paris, France
When I was a little girl, I had a poster of the Eiffle tower on my wall, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit Paris. That would defenitly be a dream come true. 
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